Joe Rutland

Design Services

Your wesite or app is much more than a pretty interface thrown together. It's a whole process and I'm here to help you through it to make sure your users get the experience they need.


UX Review

Something not quite right with your website or product? not converting the way you expected? I offer a UX Review of your site starting from £750, where I review a process of your site and detial any finding that may be causeing issues. Order a UX review


User Reasearch

As the old saying goes 'failing to prepare is preparing to fail' and it's still true in all digital products. This is why each design project I undertake starts with research, into your users and your competitors. Figuring out who your sers are and building personas to reference thoughout the design process is a great foundation too build on.



Now we have an idea of the products target audience we can start to build the information architecture (IA). This stage of the project involves the websitesite or products navigation and page structure with sitemaps and user flows.



To get more of a feel for the designs will be layed out we can start wireframing, understanding where content will be placed on a page. Its always easier and cheaper to alter a wireframe than it it to make changes once we get to visual designs.


User Testing

You can't create a good user experience without involving... that's right... users. The earlier you test your digital products on real word users the better results will come at the end. User testing can be basic screen recordings to full user testing lab testing, totally dependant on your budget



Prototypes are the best and quickest way to get feedback on a design solution. Coming at multiple stages in the design process, ey can come in a couple of different forms: Paper prototypes are super quick and rough used to get quick ideas. Clickable prototypes for which I use InVision, linking up wireframes ready for users to test interactions without any visual distractions. Hi-fidelity prototypes, again in InVision, come at the visual stage to start to get a feel for how the final product will act.


Visual & UI Design

Now all the planning and ideas are done, we should be on the path the a functional design so now for the exciting bit - getting the pixels in place for a beautiful, clean user interface.