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Multicolour is a REST API generator created by the highly talented Dave Mackintosh

Dave built Multicolour from the ground up to make creating REST APIs a much quicker and smoother process.

In January 2016, Dave was on the lookout for a designer to join him as a cretive director on the product, and knowing Dave (via Twitter) for a number of years I jumped at the opportunity.

First of all we needed a rehaul of the marketing site, bring the blog and the docs inline with the already beautiful branding which is what we have here.

Keeping a clean clutter free style we mapped out the basic site structure and where we what we envisioned developers using the site will mainly want.

Keep an eye out for updates to Multicolour this year with V1 due out and new GUI to be added.

Multicolour UI for the home page and the doc page